What is Black Magic?

Kala jadu has the purpose to show negative effects on someone’s life It is not done for positive means It is a complete manipulation of pure energies that are in the soul of every human being is that the branch of magic that’s accustomed perform evil acts or that attracts on malevolent powers. I believe that’s a good description of sorcery and that I would trust that definition.
When a person is captured in this curse of Kala jadu spell then, it is not possible for them to remove it without any need of an astrologer. As once this spell is executed, cannot be stopped. It makes a hole in life by capturing a victim’s power or thoughts. He is like a puppet for the implementer, which can dance and react according to the victim’s mind.
Kala jadu you can execute in several areas such as:• For an enemy problem.
  • To get love back and destroy a marriage.
  • For the growth and destroy any kind of business.
  •  For husband-wife love and divorce.

Effects of black magic

  • Physiological condition.
  • Unexplained bruises around the thighs, genitals, arms, alternative elements of the body.
  • You dream of getting sex with somebody or one thing/rape by spirits leading to really coming.
  • Rashes/irritation within the reproductive organ.
  •  Stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, dark blood.
  • Inability to conceive thanks to psychic blocks.
  • Miscarriage.
  •  Unexplained fits / convulsions.