The Existence of Dreams in Islam

Do Dreams exist in Islam? Dreams really are a state of mind which it has been thinking and imagining while we lie down on our bed before sleep. Shortly, after this when we fall asleep. According to science we just remember 5% of our entire dream. Every night we usually see dream(s). Whereas, we hardly remember what have we seen. But overall time calculated for a man who usually spent his life in seeing dreams is six (6) years.

Why We Hardly Recall Any Dream?

According to the brain scans of the frontal lobes, the key area which primarily responsible for the structuring of memory in the brain, of sleeping person, are inactive during the stage of sleeping when dreams occur. The 80% of the entire dreams are always in color format and the rest usually comes in black and white form.

So, dreaming a natural process of the human mind, you should not worry about its results. Many people lay stress on the synopsis of their dreams. Why they are seeing such horrible dreams every other night. Sometimes, if you are affected with a black magic, probably you could see scary dreams also. To get rid of such scary dreams you can perform a black magic cure wazifa. If you are not sure of the fact that you affected with the black magic or not in such case check the black magic. How to check black magic in Islam is really a very strong and effective remedy for those who want to know this.

Every time we keep on thinking and imagining things. This is the tendency of the mind of a human body. Let us go ahead with a lovely  Dua Wazifa for bad dreams which are commonly known as bure khwab se bachne ki dua in Islam.

Aahadees tayyabah se malum hota hai ke mand reja zahel logo ke samne khwab bayan karna chahiye:

‘Aalim yani ‘ilm-e-taabeer janne wale se.

Saheb-e-Raai aur samajhdar shaks se.

Dost aur khair khwaah shaks se.

Khwab sunne wale shaks ko agar tabeer na malum ho to wo khamosh rahe aur apni taraf se dil mein ane wale khayal ko na sunaye. Balki khamosh rahe. Ap Huzoore-e-Akram SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam ko jab koi shaks khwab ki tabeer akar puchte aur unhe wo tabeer nahi ati to ese mein ap unhe khwab ki tabeer hargiz nahi batate the.

Wazifa Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua Kese Karna Hai?

Chalte-firte aur uth te beth te hue yani rozana kisi bhi surat mein jaha bhi aur jese bhi ap masroof hai. Chahe apne rozgar mein ho ya fir ke ghar ke kam mein. Chahe kwhateen ho ya fir mard. Chahe bacha ho to bhi ye wazifa kar sakte hai. Is wazifa ko karne se pahle zarur kijiyega.

Wuzu ki halat mein ya bila wuzu bhi kar sakte hai. Niche di hui dua ka zyadah se zyadah wird kijiye. Khwateen is dua ko haiz/maahwari ki halat mein bhi parh sakti hai.

Assh-Shaata Nazeefatun

Dreams in Islam- Bure Khawab Se Bachne Ki Dua in English

Every time while you work at home or in your office. You have to recite the dua written below as much as you can. In a state of ablution and without ablution. You can read this. This dua will help you Insha ALLAH to get rid of scary and bad dreams you see while sleeping.

Recite this as much as you can while you are in ablution or without ablution. Females can recite this even in their menses/periods also.

Assh-Shaata Nazeefatun

Our Beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said about the dreams in Islam, that there are three types of dreams in Islam:

The first type of dream in Islam is the one which is good and are annunciations sent from ALLAH Ta’ala towards us.

Second types of the dream in Islam, are the one which signifies the symptoms of Satan and they are meant to indulge the person in sorrows.

The third type of dream in Islam are those dreams in which human being keeps speaking and imagining while asleep.

Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has also said regarding the dreams in Islam, that, When any one of you sees any bad dreams then do not share and discuss your dream with any other person.

{Muslim Shareef- 2268}

How to Get  Rid Of Bad Dreams in Islam- In another Hadith it has been recommended that you can recite three (3) times A’uzu Billahe Minashaitan Nirajeem and blow on the left side three (3) times and then change the direction from earlier posture while lying.

It has been a known fact from Aahadees tayyabah that a person can share his/her dreams in Islam with the following types of person:

An Islamic scholar who knows the dream interpretations.

The one who is a wise person and can advise perfectly.

Friends and the one who cares for him/her.

In this circumstance, when the listener of the dream incidence is not aware of the dream interpretation in Islam. Then he/she should keep quiet. He should never ever try to interpret the dream on his own thoughts and imagination of his mind unless and until he is absolutely sure about that dream interpretation.

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) whenever listens to any dream from any individual and he didn’t know the interpretation of that dream, in this condition he used to be silent. He never tries to tell them the interpretation of the dreams in Islams when he doesn’t know.